Realize a more secure financial future

Renewa is a leading land and infrastructure investor in the renewable energy industry

We help accelerate the transition to renewable energy by purchasing land, energy leases and royalty income – helping landowners achieve financial security and providing long-term capital solutions to project developers

The Benefits of a Lump Sum Payment

Selling your land or long-term lease interests is a big decision. Here’s why it might be the right one for you.

Making the Process Simple and Smooth

We work closely with you and your family every step of the way. Learn more about the process.

Get Paid to Help Someone You Know

If you refer a family member or peer to Renewa, you could earn a cash reward. Learn How.

The People and Purpose of Renewa

Renewa focuses on a fundamental element
of renewable energy development

Renewa Announces Good Steward Scholarship

Renewa is partnering with the Center for Agricultural Resilience (CFAR) to offer a scholarship opportunity aimed to support individuals interested in sustainable land use and renewable energy practices, particularly focusing on the innovative approach of solar grazing. The scholarship makes it possible for worthy applicants to attend boots-on-the-ground training that is only available through experts like the seasoned managers who operate White Oak Pastures.

For more information about the Scholarship, please click the button below and scroll down to view the details on the Solar Grazing Workshop and how you can apply!