Down to Earth: Solar Grazing

Members of our team recently attended the Center for Agricultural Resilience‘s first-ever Solar Grazing Workshop. Team members had a three-day long stay at White Oak Pastures, a six-generation, 156-year-old family farm run by Will Harris and his two daughters, in Bluffton, Georgia. Will and his team take great pride in practices that focus on regenerative land management, humane animal husbandry and revitalizing their local community. […] Read More


Renewa CEO Gage Mooring Speaking at Infocast Solar + Wind Finance & Investment Summit

Infocast Solar + Wind Finance & Investment Summit: Our Key Takeaways

Members of the Renewa team recently attended the Solar + Wind Finance and Investment Summit alongside renewable developers and investors in Scottsdale, Arizona. The summit focused on discussing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the financing and investment of solar and wind energy projects. Our team had productive meetings with C-Suite level executives from most major renewable energy developers, and attended networking events and more. […] Read More


Solar Panels on Farm land

Let’s Sum Up the Lump Sum Question: “Why Should I Sell My Land or Long-Term Lease for a Lump Sum Payment?”

This is by far, one of the most pressing and important questions we often hear. And we get it – it is, without a doubt, a very big decision. But for many, it is the right decision, as it provides greater control of assets and most importantly, a more stable future for landowners. […] Read More


Solar Energy Farm Clip Art

Propmodo: Renewable Land Leases Won’t Be a Niche Asset Class for Long

For years, the Combe Fill North Landfill in Mount Olive Township, New Jersey was, quite literally, a dump. The 65-acre plot of land operated as a municipal landfill for industrial waste and dry sewage sludge in the late 60s, until it was discovered that volatile organic compounds had seeped from the landfill into nearby groundwater. […] Read More

Renewa Employees Volunteering at the Skyfarm at POST Houston

Renewa Employees Volunteer at Skyfarm at Houston

The Skyfarm at Houston is a rooftop model leading the charge to create an urban, community-supported agricultural environment to plant and maintain soil-grown plants. Recently, members of the Renewa team had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the innovation behind this movement – it was amazing to witness firsthand. See photos […] Read More