We help renewable energy developers reach their growth and decarbonization goals.

Renewa has one of the nation’s largest independent portfolios of land under clean energy projects, including ground leases with more than 49 operators across 26 states. We’ve partnered with more than 124 utility scale renewable energy facilities across the U.S., and our projects will reduce domestic CO2 an estimated 5,000,000 tons in 2023 alone.

Why partner with Renewa?

Renewa's Area of Operations
  • Long term financing solutions for long term assets
  • Competitive cost of capital
  • Efficient transactions
  • Bespoke risk-sharing and risk-pricing models to de-risk and de-cost renewable projects
  • Early securing of land and site access to underpin growth in project pipelines
  • Renewa has assets across 26 states and actively pursuing acquisitions throughout the U.S.
  • Funding support across the risk spectrum
  • Funding of ancillary segments including energy storage, hydrogen facilities and grid inter-connection infrastructure

Who We Work With

Renewa serves as a land partner to leading energy developers, helping Fortune 500® Companies and utilities meet their renewable energy goals.