Up to $10,000 Available as Part of Partnership with Center for Agricultural Resilience

HOUSTON, TX, February 13, 2024- Renewa, a leading land and infrastructure investor and advocate for renewable energy, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Center for Agricultural Resilience (CFAR) to offer the Renewa Good Steward Scholarship. This scholarship opportunity aims to support individuals interested in sustainable land use and renewable energy practices, particularly focusing on the innovative approach of solar grazing.

CFAR, founded in 2021 by Will Harris, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and equipping individuals and organizations on the benefits of resilient agriculture. Located at White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia, CFAR offers various programs throughout the year.

“We are thrilled to partner with CFAR to offer the Renewa Good Steward Scholarship,” said Stephen Lee, Renewa Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “This initiative aligns with Renewa’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. By supporting individuals interested in regenerative agriculture and renewable energy practices, we hope to foster the next generation of land ambassadors and contribute to a more resilient agricultural ecosystem.”

The Renewa Good Steward Scholarship will cover the total cost of one session of CFAR’s Solar Grazing Workshop for one recipient, for up to four sessions per year. The Solar Grazing Workshop is a three-day program that explores the intersection of renewable energy production and responsible livestock grazing. Led by experts from White Oak Pastures and solar site owners/managers, participants gain insights into solar grazing, from site tours to contract negotiations, and learn how this practice can be integrated into diverse farm operations.

“We are grateful for Renewa’s generous offer to provide the Renewa Good Steward Scholarship. This makes it possible for worthy applicants to attend boots-on-the-ground training that is only available through experts like the seasoned managers who operate White Oak Pastures,” said Will Harris, Founder of CFAR.

“We are excited to join forces with CFAR to launch the Renewa Good Steward Scholarship. This collaboration marks just the beginning of our partnership with CFAR and similar initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable land use and renewable energy practices,” said Gage Mooring, Renewa Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

For more information about the Renewa Good Steward Scholarship and to apply, please visit thecfar.org/pages/session-info and scroll to view the details on the Solar Grazing Workshop and to find the application link.

About Renewa

Renewa is a renewable energy land financing company providing financing solutions to landowners and renewable energy project developers through the acquisition of leasehold interests, land, rental streams, and royalty incomes. Renewa is backed by QIC, channeling long-term capital to fund renewable energy projects with local partners and landowners. For more information, please visit: www.renewa.com

About The Center for Agricultural Resilience (CFAR)

The Center for Agricultural Resilience (CFAR) was built to educate individuals and organizations on the environmental, economic and social benefits of building resilient animal, plant and human ecosystems that can nourish our communities. CFAR hopes to show these leaders how to rethink agriculture, using White Oak Pastures’ 25-year-long production journey as a guide. The goal is to make resilient agriculture more replicable not more scalable. The CFAR mission is to inspire a rethinking of the system by demonstrating what has been accomplished and scaled on a working farm, on a realistic budget, by real-world business people. For more information, please visit: www.thecfar.org.

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