Let’s Sum Up the Lump Sum Question: “Why Should I Sell My Land or Long-Term Lease for a Lump Sum Payment?”

This is by far, one of the most pressing and important questions we often hear. And we get it – it is, without a doubt, a very big decision. But for many, it is the right decision, as it provides greater control of assets and most importantly, a more stable future for landowners. […] Read More


Propmodo: Renewable Land Leases Won’t Be a Niche Asset Class for Long

For years, the Combe Fill North Landfill in Mount Olive Township, New Jersey was, quite literally, a dump. The 65-acre plot of land operated as a municipal landfill for industrial waste and dry sewage sludge in the late 60s, until it was discovered that volatile organic compounds had seeped from the landfill into nearby groundwater. […] Read More

Renewa Employees Volunteer at Skyfarm at Houston

The Skyfarm at Houston is a rooftop model leading the charge to create an urban, community-supported agricultural environment to plant and maintain soil-grown plants. Recently, members of the Renewa team had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the innovation behind this movement – it was amazing to witness firsthand. See photos […] Read More